20 Years of Military Life and Dealing With the Military Husband

Hello, My name is Deborah and I have been in your position many many time. If it any consolation we have made it through and have been married for 28 years, Believe me when I say it has not been all roses and smiles. My best advice to you is get involved in the enlisted wives clubs or the officer wives clubs. I can actually say it saved my sanity in more ways than one, I was able to take over as president for the enlisted wives and it helped me to improve my self esteem which made my husband  look at me in a different way, It helped me ,but it also helped with his career. Now as far as the distance your husband is placing between you and the kids is not an unusual for men to go though this type of emotional rollercoster. As mothers we want our husbands to feel and express the same feeling that we hold for our children but it just does,nt always work this way, Remember we are two different species and what we feel is important just isn't the same for men. It takes a while to learn to balance. but it can be done, I am leaving prof. Men carry allot of built up stress that they are not always good at expressing where we women wear our feelings on our sleeves. Church is a real good foundation to keep a little bit of normalcy in your everyday lives. Its one thing that is good for the children to have the consistency. If you have any more problems feel free to write, I will be more than happy to try to give words of engorgement. You are not in this alone. Good Luck Debbie

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Aug 29, 2009