Hello! So after talking to some girls on here and with my husband I have decided I am going to write (at least try to) a book. I want this book to not only be for Military Wives but for Military Wives, Girlfriends and Fiances and to get out to the general public what its like to be the one at home loving and waiting for our soldiers and what we have to go through. In the book i will talk about learning he wants to join, or that he is in the military, the first time u have to say bye as he heads to bct, then whats its like during ait, when he gets his duty station, what deplotments are like, all the questions we are asked, how to deal with them and why some are just plain rude. Things that we should all know (terms, what to do when the flag is being raised or taken town, etc...) and I also want to use stories from others who are in love with a Military Man. If you have a story to share or any additional ideas for my book please let me know!! 

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I think thats amazing!