Speaking of Saying Thanks,

My brother works as the Activities Coordinator for a Nursing Home in Montana.  Recently, he and the residents made a scarecrow for the local "Scarecrow Festival".  They made an old man holding onto a walker while kicking his feet into the air with his heels touching.  They titled it, "Pretty Spry for an Old Guy".  Well, they won second prize and $200.00.  When he first called to tell me they had won, they were talking about using the money for their Christmas party.  Which I thought was great. 

Well, Dom called me yesterday and said, "Hey, Mary, there are three boxes on their way to Grant in Iraq.  One of them is for him, it has a card in it with his name on it.  The other two are for him to give to some of the guys who haven't been receiving much mail yet."  They used the money that they won to send those guys some stuff.  They put in mostly made in Montana stuff, and then, true to my brother's spirit, he took those old folks outside and they gathered fallen leaves and put those in too.  It might not seem like much to some people, but I am guaranteeing you, that when my husband opens the box and sees the leaves of fall that he's been missing, he's going to cry. 
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Thanks so much, Mox. I appreciate it more than you know. Especially during the holiday season. I just wish I could make it easier on our kids.

Your story brought tears to my eyes. They are weepy over this holiday. What great people in that home in Montana. And, here's to your husband for being in Iraq and here's to you for being the wife at home. I know it's difficult. Mox