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I am so proud of my husband. Right now he is in Afghanistan for 6months, not easy. It's so difficult for them out there and with him being quite young I am really proud he's making something of his life. A lot of his friends are out on the drink every night and doing drugs. Sleeping around and moving from job to job. Yet here he is married with a great career and a future. He doesn't do drugs and doesn't drink too often. He can be a nightmare at times but compared to a lot of men out there I think I'm very fortunate. I love him with all my heart and I am proud to call him my husband!
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 12 Responses Oct 25, 2007

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Tight hugs :) Stay strong! I completely support our troops and the family they have to leave behind.

**** him, this is not respectful job, he is killing innocent people there. you all peoples will go to hell, thousands of children dies there, why u ******* people go to Afghanistan, there was peace before you dirty bloody people, American are DOGS

Hi there. I am a newbie without a sat nav system! Posted on a parking ticket group and saw your contribution and found the first post in Experience Project I disliked - somehow linked to a contributor to that thread. It was one saying the soldiers out there were not doing a worthwhile task. How could another woman (if the handle is indeed a woman) write something like that without caring for other people's feelings? Do you have the experience to track my route as I posted the reasons for my dislike on her whiteboard? You will see that I have now posted two stories saying that if we are in Afghanistan our troops must be provided with adequate equipment to provide proper protection and care in the case of injury. BTW I have yet to find the button on offering friendship!

We thank you, and him for your service , i have army wife friends ,and i appreciate what they do too :)<br />
<br />
Thanx :)

Hello, my husband is also in Afghanistan, he left two weeks ago. You are a strong brave sole. I support all of our soldiers over there and pray for their safe return home. God Bless.

I will pass on that message, it's always nice for him to hear how much everyone is supprting the soldiers :)<br />
Thanks X

lol - I'm not dating...that was before....and yes my husband knew I dated :)

If your married why are you dating? I wont judge you, its not my place, but I am a bit confused. Does your husband know your dating?

Thanks everyone for being so supportive :)

You both have our wholehearted support. He has our prayers for a safe return, and you have our respect for holding on! I truly hope he is home soon.

Not missing him as much as I should, thats what it feels like. I forget about him at times and then I feel bad!! It's a good thing though I guess because it means the time goes quicker coz I'm not stressing so much.

He went away for 3months two weeks after we married, but that was only to Cyprus and obviously not dangerous there really. This is the first PROPER tour, he did go to Iraq for 6months but that was before we got together. I can't wait for him to come back!!