Animal Importing

Hey, I figured out that we are being stationed in japan.  We have a dog and i really need to know all that i have to do.  We cant seem to figure it out.  im going insane.

amandakarppi amandakarppi
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

thanks i think i have got it mostly figured out the problem is that my dog is a black lab/ german sheppard mix and he is i big dog so everything costs so much but my parents wont keep him.. so he is coming with me :)

wow! japan. if theres a website to your army post you should check that out. my husband just left for italy today, i have a cat and they have a section for how to import your animals to italy. it helped me out. still deciding if i wanna take my cat or leave him with my parents. anyway, good luck hope i kinda helped