Long Distance Phone Calls!

UGH! my husband is stationed in Italy and it's freaking expensive to talk on the phone with him.  He has at&t but over there it switches to vodafone and it costs us .99 cents a minute to talk and .50  cents for each text message. its ridiculous. does anybody know a cheaper way to talk? we talked about getting a laptop or him buying a prepaid phone there but it seems kind of useless since he's already getting deployed next month and his sgt's said that there was no point in getting them cuz they arent going to be there long.  he bought a phone card but for some reason it wont work. any suggestions?

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

thanks! he asked around and found out that buying the laptop was the best option for us. so we get to talk on AIM and yeah skype is amazing! i cried the first time i saw his face on my screen haha. i'm gonna talk to him about the landline thing or prepaid phones so i dont always have to be at my house to talk to him haha. thanks for your help!

Hey! My husband is stationed in Germany as well. We found a lot of ways to communicate. first is AIM, we instant message all the time and he can even send instant messages to your phone for free (we do this A LOT). We also found that on AIM we can talk via webcam which is great. it is like skype because we can talk thru the computer. I buy international calling cards and call the land line he got out in his room over in germany. it usually costs around 20 bucks but you get a lot of minutes. But when he was deployed we mostly used AIM and he was able to call me with the land line they had on the FOB. But suggest to ur soldier to get a land line and I also found that pre paid phones work too. hopefully i helped :) good luck!

Well when I first started reading this I was gonna say get skype which is awesome you can see his lovely face and talk to him at the same time on the computer and it's really easy to download. I love it!! My husband is in Germany and that's what we use. <br />
Take care girl.