This is the day my husband enlisted into the Army. It's been almost a month and I am already experiencing changes and he hasn't even gone to basic yet!

I am the type of person to plan out EVERYTHING, I write grocery lists, I write down my bills every month so I know what I have to pay,  all appointments and what's needed for the appointments are written down also. But there is no right way to plan for whats to come now. I don't know what to expect and I have to experience my husband not being by my side for the first time since I was 15 years old. I am happy and excited for him but very nervous. No one ever taught me how to drive, so with income tax we just bought me a small car. I am going to get my permit next week then start a driving course. I have to drive to be able to make it to work on my own now. This is new. I'm also moving in with my dad and his girlfriend that way someone will be able to help watch my kiddos  (4 and 2) while I am at work. I gotta put our stuff from our apartment in storage. and all of this has to be done by April. It's a little overwhelming but I know I can handle it. I have no choice but to handle it.

My husband is so excited because this is what he really wants to do and he tried so  many times do it. He had some trouble on the ASVAB. He's already completed his course to go in as E2 and he is working out. I'm proud of him, but boy is this all going to be a change!

 Tryckster14  (22 year old Army Wife)

Tryckster14 Tryckster14
22-25, F
Feb 17, 2010