I Am New To The Army Wife Group

I met my husband online over 2 years ago, while he was deployed.  We had talked about  getting married and things came between us and we parted.  Within the last 9 months we came back into each others lives.  So this past December he took leave and came up to Canada where I live to visit.  He was here 5 days before we packed the kids in the car and drove to NYC to get married.  He stayed until the new year and then went back to Ft. Hood.  I haven't seen him since he left that day and it kills me......it seems like everything comes up to keep us apart.  We are supposed to be PCS'ing in October which is great because I will be joining him.  But this next 8 months is going to be so hard.  I know I have to get used to it because of deployments but the hardest part is that we could be together we just aren't able to financially.  If anyone has some advice that would be great or someone has been in the same situation.  I love my soldier more then I have ever loved anyone in my life (other then my kids)  Our love is strong it brought us back together a year later but its so much more stress then I ever imagined!!!!!  So i would love to meet some other wives that understand these feelings, my friends try but have no idea what its like.  So I hope to make some friends ...........

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Thank you that is so reassuring. I love him ore then anything and it helps to know other people that are going through or have been through the same.

I understand...my husband is at Ft. Benning and has been on and off since June. He is 'in holding' and it is frustrating!!!! It'll be a few months before he gets a RTD and then a few more months of training after that but after that we'll be able to be together =) We've been married 107 days and physically together19 of those days. Our entire engagement was apart. You can do this...you are strong!!! If you ever need to talk....I am here.