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Well my husband and I have been married for two months.. but for the past two month we have not gotten to see echother but maybe a month all together. On our two months he deployed, he will be gone for the next 9 to 11 months so i dont even feel like im married.. if there is anyone that can help me  get through this and give me some advice as what to do i would be really happy...

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I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I have been together for a long time and we recently got married in December. It is sooo hard having a marriage when you are apart so much. My husband is stationed in Germany and with him being countries away and having the 6 hour time difference, it feels like there is no marriage sometimes. And next week he is going to Yemen and I am not sure how long it will take till i can talk to him again. All the advice I can give to you is keep your head up. This is the path you two chose and if you love each other you will get through the separation. My husband came home on emergency leave 3 weeks ago and seeing him for the first time in a month was the greatest feeling in the world, and once you experience that you will know that everything will be ok. Just spend a lot of time with family and friends, keep yourself busy, and if u you have a job or go to school make that a priority. Email your solider and never let him forget that you are here for him and that u support him. And he will get thru his deployment and he will come home to you. This is what he has been trained to do and having you there behind him 100% will make this all easier on you and your husband. If you ever need to talk to need more advice just shoot me a message! And in the words of my husband.."Behind every soldier is an amazing wife".

my husband is in the army and got airwayed here from afghanistan early from his deployment...his truck got hit by an IED. I know how you are feeling and I know its not easy. Yes, a lot of army wives do run around on their men but I can honestly say that I am 110% commited and faithful to my husband. With that said...I also think it is totally possible to support his dream of being in the army without trying to get him to leave it. When my husband was deployed it was really hard, we were only married for a few months when he left. On top of that we had a new little baby girl as well. I will say that you should get an address for over there to send him things like packages and letters. Take your time gathering things for the packages...things you know he likes and maybe some things home made...I used to make my husband little home made cards and what not...maybe with some pics of our daughter and I as well. While you gather the things to ship to him, its nice having something to look forward to that you know is specially for him, and that he will like. Dont be affraid to ask for help and support emotionally through this...its a really hard life style to get used to...and i dont know that any army wife FULLY does get used to it. on top of that...i dont know what religion you are but i am a strong practicing christain and honestly, my faith is what mainly got me through the restless nights and lonliness. I am totally here for you if you ever want to talk or anything...feel free to message me ANYTIME :) I hope this was at least a little helpful.

My hubby isn't deployed but he got injured so his been 'in holding' awaiting a RTD so he can return to his training. We've been married 107 days and I've seen him 19 of them...and they weren't all at once. He won't be able to return to training until after May and he has at least 3 months left after that. I know how it feels tobe a newly wed and be alone. Our time being married grows but not our time together. If you ever need to talk...I am here.

well im ex army an lernt from my excperince that most wimin go with army men dont realy want them they just youse them for ther fame an money plus they like being free to have fun with out resposbilty of being good cus your guy is there to be oniost most army men loss there wimin when they come bk cus they dont no how to get on id say you iver leav him ore you get him to leav the army ore you pac up bags an follow him but if you truely love him then dont give up but please dont cheat on him cus with out ppl like him you wouldent have the freedoms you have now if i was you id get a vibrater untill he comes bk an if was me id get him to leav tell him you want him to leav an tell him why an if hes the guy for you your be happy agen in a year the qwik fix never works good luck