Army Wife Of Recently Deployed Soldier

I am a newly wed, just married to my husband Dec. 26th, two months ago to the date.  We were good friends and went to high school together before hand.  He is an engineer in the Army Reserves, and was deployed today.  It has been the hardest thing ever and he is on orders for 384 days, it seems like a life time.  My husband just got his orders Tues, and deployed the following Friday. Wow talk about no notice!!  We thought it was going to happen because he was on alert, but he's been on alert before and nothing.  I just got back from the airport today, after dropping him off and I had to come home to our house alone, it was so empty and I just started crying again like I have been all week.  It hurts so bad knowing he's going to be gone for so long and I don't know how I am going to deal with the loneliness and stress of not knowing.  Worst of all, it's the first day.  I have great in laws, who went through this before with my husbands sister when she deployed to Iraq in 2005, so that helps some.  My parents are also very supportive, but I really needed to talk to an army wife like me who's in the same situation and knows exactly what I'm going through and could help me through this tuff time.  Please email me at and thank you for any advise that can be helpful.

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I'm so sorry for what your going through because I know exactly the feeling, my husband has been deployed since last July and just last week had his R&R.. I sent him back yesterday, much too soon and coming home without him is so lonely and empty. I feel like only time will help but maybe to know that someone else feels the same will help