I Am

Going to surive. My hunnee as I call him is not any more. Although he is deployed and insisting on a divorce.

I am going to be faithful to him in body and deed.

I am going to take care of self and my family.

I am wearing my wedding ring and I do believe in my vows.

He is absent when he wrote me with a  threat of turning me into welfare for getting my BAH allotment finally. They made him do it. I get about $350 on the welfare whitch is hard since I am used to making my own money and plenty of it. He said that the small amount he would give me would ruin my monthly check! Funny even when I do tell them once I recieve the $600 it wont make a difference! I will still get the welfare check!

I am just glad I have a way to pay the mortgage now and every cent will go to that! I hope that it comes in time as I am on the edge of forclosure!

I am a loyal wife and friend.

I am going to get through this on top even if he cuts me down.

I am sure I will  be clean of wrong doing or harm.

I am in love.

I am facing the truth of the situation one day at a time.

I am blessed.

fallenwife fallenwife
46-50, F
4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I love how you have stayed so strong through all of this, not many people can say that they have the strength like you do. keep your head up and continue on everything that you do

Besides the practical, financial problems, there is the fact that your love had been rejected. I've been there to many times and it hurts.<br />
<br />
You are right to be faithful until legally divorced. Then, well, they say that it takes about one year for every year of marriage to recover emotionally enough to be open to loving again. But that starts when you got the news, not when some court makes it legal.<br />
<br />
Time heals. Love will come again. Just don't do anything stupid or pitiful when you are in such pain. Pay the bills, and plan a recovery. Then follow the plan, and soon you will wake up and realize that you feel good again, and aren't missing him. And life begins again.

Thanks so much for great comment! supernaughtboy

in spite of the fact tat you have this experience... i am inspired and admire you that you remain positive...be strong.... you deserve to be happy!