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well... my story hu? i must admit i dought any body will read about me, but okay, here it goes. (first as u may notice my spelling is terrible, and i know this) well i have been married to  my sorce of life for almost three years now, we met at Calvary Chapel Bible College in murrieta Hot springs in 2007. yes thats not that long ago; our wedding was what u would call a hotgun wedding hahaha, i was not pregnat just very in love. we were friends for maybe 7 months, we dated for three months and we were engaged for one week. yup thats how it happened :) we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversury Aug 12, 2010.

the military had always been his desire; he did 4 years of army ortc before i ever knew him. he was going to join as soon as he finished Bible College, but well he met me. And let me tell u i am the most anti-military person ever, i just had good friends join and come back.... changed. so naturally i didnt want him to join, so he didn't, for me. he put aside his life long goal and married me instead, well i'd like to say that that was the end, happiely ever after and all that, but it was quite the opposit. ( i mean there was good moments, of course, you never saw two people more consumed with each other) but i could see the reality of our life weighting on his stronge shoulders. he tried so hard to be very thing he was never taught to be, he stuggled to be the provider for our small family, but well neither of us has a college degree and the best job he could find  paid maybe 11 dollars an hour. and well no one can survive on that. our earlie years of marriage were a constant struggle to stay above water; we have expireanced being homeless, carless, and even foodess. we would walk 13 miles one way to a 8 dollars an hour job every day, he finally asked me agian about joining the military, he was so broken, he kept saying, "my wife should not be living this way!' and looking at him then i realized i had been selfishly standing in the way of his true calling, what was a girl to do but finally give in? he needed to do this as much for himself as for me. so i agreed to go speak to a recruter and well one month later i watched him get into the car with a man dressed in greens and as the rain came down in waves around me, i somehow knew that this was truely what my husband wanted. And i decided that no matter how hard it would get ( and i knew it would get hard)  i would force myself to always be his strangth and encoragement, i would make it my job to support him, for better or for worst, till death do us part.

that was Jan 18, 2010; i know thats not that long ago either, but as u may have noticed things in our life rearly care about time. so thats my story. i am warming up to the idea of being called an...army wife.... that name is still hard for me to get used to, but i plan on keeping an open mind for my man, if he can do all that he is doing for me, i need to step up my game for him. So that's me, any more questions, i guess feel free to ask.....

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Welcome! You are one of us now...