I Am An Army Wife Thats Married To An Abusive Soldier

me and my husband have been married for almost a year and he has been physically and mentally abusive towards me. when he came home fo 2 weeks i got pregnant and im wanting a divorce but im worried if i tell him i want a divorce he wont give me money to support the baby and buy him what he needs till he arrives and im also worried about health insurance. can he cut me off of the insurance if  we arent divorced yet?? idk know what to do.

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What will happen is you get an allotment set up for child support, the insurance can stay with you until you have the baby then it gets cancelled and only the baby is covered, If you have any problems with him you can contact your frg leader, or go to his chain of command. From there it goes up the ladder. Just know though if you start this journey there is no going back. Once chain of command is involved it reflects him as a soldier. You should not put up with him treating you that way. If he does that to you he will be the same with the baby. Take care,,,,,

I remember reading in an Army wife book that there is some Act put into place to provide monthly payments to spouses who report abuse and leave. PLEASE contact your Family Advocacy representative. There are so many resources avaliable to you that can help. I have been in an abusive relationship...lucky I got out quick. Its been over 2 years now and I am happily married to the most amazing man. It took time...when we were dating and he would get mad I'd get scared. I know he would never hurt me he is so kind and loving. But with time that passed. YOU CAN DO THIS!...You deserve better!

I'm not sure about military rights, but he has to give child support and health insurance to his children. Sweety you have to speak out about this abusive situation, I have a girlfriend that she was like you... she's divorced now and happy, she went back to college (she's a nurse), and he had to pay for it!<br />
Good luck.