Harder Then I Could Have Imagined

well were do  start?  back in october i met a man nothing serous, he was just home for a month on leave. never thought i just met the most amazing person.  well before we knew it marrige was the thought on his mind.  well here it is a few months later and we were married Feb. 21st.   sounds wonderful right well he is stationed in South Korea.  when he came home for the wedding he got here on the 17th and with all the last min planning and details it felt like he was only here a day even though it was really 2 weeks.  well now here i sit a newlywed and my husband sits in south korea.  now i knew this getting married and what was all going on and never in my life ever thought it would be this hard.  im not a cryer but i tell u what... i have prob. cried more since Tues. morning then i have in the last year.  how do i move on from that and begin a newlywed life with out my husband?

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

It is hard...but you CAN do this! The seperation isn't forever. Keep busy...I have little memories of him throught the house. Sometimes thinking about him makes me cry from missing him...but now I try and focus on the good. The memories make me smile =) I just finished eating pizza rolls...and they reminded me of Christmas when it was snowing and we sat infront of the fire eating them. Instead of crying cause I wish I could be doing that now...I think about how he bit into one and the insides got all of his chest. The rest of the story is personal and it makes me smile and laugh!...Sorry if I am rambling, I had a rough day but I am staying positive.