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this past saturday i said "see you soon" to my husband, PFC infantry with the US Army. he boarded a plane sunday to head for afghanistan to live out a year-long tour. i am absolutely devastated. we have known each other for a little over five years and been together a majority of them. he joined the army in august of 2009 and spent his time for basic training and AIT at Ft. Benning, GA. family day was the weekend of halloween, and on october 31st, the love of my life and best friend got down on one knee, gave me a ring and asked me "the" question. aside from our wedding day, that was the happiest day of my life. we talked a lot about when to get married, but ultimately decided it was best to do it before he got orders in case it was somewhere i couldn't accompany him. so while he was home on christmas exodus, on december 31st, we had a small but absolutely perfect ceremony at a sweet little chapel and new year's party here at home. our honeymoon was hardly a honeymoon at all, considering he needed to report back to benning january 4th - but we plan on treating ourselves to a real one when he gets home next spring. anyway.. he spent three weeks back in GA waiting for orders (if any organization had their **** together, you'd think it would be the US military.... WRONG) before he had to report to ft. drum, four hours away from home. about a week later, he learned that he would be deploying right away. after a little over a month full of in-processing and briefs, the army took my heart to afghanistan. that's the end of my story. i'm a mess. my heart hurts. i got a message this morning from him that said he wasn't in afghanistan yet and wasn't sure where he was other than on an air force base with a crappy wifi connection, but i'll tell you something. i've been thanking God all day for that crappy internet connection. i've been sick since sunday night with worry, just waiting to hear that he's alright. i know he's not even in any danger, but the thought of him so far away is scary on it's own.

wow this ended up being alot longer than i anticipated. for anyone who took the time to read, thank you. and please feel free to share any feelings/advice/thoughts. i am new here,  just need an outlet & friends who can relate.

i'm going to write my husband a letter that i can't even send until i get an address, and who knows when that'll be..



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5 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Your very welcome.. Nobody came into this wild army life with instructions on how to be that awesome army wife.. you just have to be strong and its hard because i look around at all these couples that have their husband or have dad around and that is what upsets me.. I love my husband. we was high school sweethearts and never did I imagine 5 years later and 2 kids he would be in the Army.. i always thought I couldnt make it without seeing me everyday and going to bed everynight with him by my side but this new life of mine has really brought some strengths in my own self that i knew never exsisted so.. it has been one heck of a ride and from what i hear about Korea from mutual army wives they absolutely love it.. I just hope that I can love it and embrace the culture like others.. but hang in there.. see about the webcam deal maybe he can do that kind of stuff in afganistan maybe not i have no idea but if you can .. it helps out so much.. not like having him here by all means but its better than nothing.. if you ever need someone just message me .. im always on well most of the times

My husband joined active duty April the 6th of 2009. He went to Basic Training .. done his AIT .. first duty station was Korea.... So i kinda know how it feels with him being away.. He got to come home in September 09 and stayed home a month.. I had a baby in November that he hasnt even seen yet.. and I have an active 2 year old that has went almost a whole year without dad.. April 6 of this year will basically be one year since I have lived with my husband and he isnt even deployed .. that is the messed up part about it.. I can tell you this right now it is hurting and it probably always will until you see him.. but if he is able to get online that is what is helping my situation.. we see each other on webcam.. or that 5 minute phone call will brighten your day for sure.. Hang in there.. I have major support from my family and friends. if i didn't I dont know what i would do.. One best advice I could give you . . don't sit there in the house alll day eveyday.. cuz you will literally go crazy.. I think my year being away from my husband has flew by but it was also one of the hardest things I have ever been through.. It gets better.. just if you need anyone jus message us.. Hope everything goes good and I hope you will hear from him soon..

My husband is in AIT right now, he graduates May 27th and is being stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I was under the impression that if your soldier is stationed in the U.S., he will not be deployed as fast as if he was stationed somewhere in Europe. This is real depressing to hear that your hubby was deployed right away. I have a son who is 7 months at the time and his dad started BCT two weeks after Marco (my son) was born. I was hoping my soldier would be with me for at least a year before deploying but i guess you don't really know in the Army. Thanks for posting your story, it really opened my eyes and now at least I won't be in shock if it happens to me. By the way, what MOS is your hubby? Mine is 15F (Aircraft Electrician)

I know exactly what you are going through. My husband just returned from a year long tour in Iraq. My family too was non supportive, but I think it is just because they know so little about the army life. I have never lived on or near an army post so I didn't have the support of an FRG or anything during the deployment. My best advice is to keep busy and know that there is sunshine after the rain. When my husband first left, i had people telling me it's ok and that the time will fly. At the time I would think to myself it's not ok. My heart is hurting. Now, as I look back, time really did fly by. Of course you won't see it as you're going through it but you will see it when you look back on it. I will pray for you and hope that you find a way to cope with your husband being gone. Best of luck to you!!!!

I am becoming an active duty army wife soon. I can only imagine what you are going through. Try to stay real active with your friends and family why he is deployed. Mainly just try to stay busy but I know you will worry constantly I will do the same thing if my husband ever deploys. Meet new friends and pay for your soldiers safe return. I hope everything gets a little easier for you. Stay strong and keep your up.