My husband's unit completed their tour in Iraq at the beginning of January and returned to Germany. He finally came home two days before valentine's day for 30 days. I was so happy. I hadn't seen my husband since his R&R leave in May 2009. My husband was supposed to go back to Germany yesterday March 12th, but 2 days before I had to rush him to the emergency room. He had to have an appendectomy because his appendix burst. On the one hand, I was sad because he was in so much pain. But on the other I was happy because the doctor said that he can't fly until he is sure he is healed which will be a minimum of 14 days. My husband can't do much, but I'm glad i get to have him home for at least 2 more weeks.

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Yeah I do feel lucky. We have been apart so long. And to Tasha, no I won't be going to Germany. My husband will PCS back to the states in August. I'll just tough out these last 4 months and will be moving with him to his next duty station. I can't wait!!!!

Congrats that he completed his tour in Iraq.. it sucks about his surgery but i know that you are so glad to spend that extra 14 days with him.. are you going to germany with your husband???

wow you got so lucky !!! i am sorry to hear that happen but your still lucky !!