It's Official! (but, I Need Help!)

As of, 28 January 2010 -

I, Malaina, have officially become Mrs.Cutler!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you believe it? So, I would like some advice or some help or... something.

I've just put in my housing application and I'm pretty nervous. Let's concider the fact that I'm 18. I'm young, yes, I'll probably be if not the youngest then one of the youngest wives on post. I'm afraid to be there. I don't know any of the wives except for the one that called me to tell me she was there to help and the other one who calls me every month and who I can call for help. Sure, two people is better than none. But, I'm scared. See... I can make friends, but I guess I'm just nervous. I have to stop saying that or it'll sike me out.

He's still in Iraq so I can't count on him being here when we get housing so I'd have to go alone. Hopefully housing will come right before he comes home. I love him. I want to feel confident about this...

What do you do once you get there? What happens if you miss an FRG meeting? What else do you have to do? What does housing look like? What do the rooms look like? Does it come with anything? (furniture, etc;.)

Aside from all of this I'm sooo excited. I love my husband. We're thinking about planning to have a baby some time in December... What do you guys think? Gosh, it's been forever since I've been on here, I miss being able to just say things and not be afraid.

I'm going to keep in mind how much I love him and how strong we are together. Si se puede.

Thank you for reading! Any little bit of help would be great! Thank you! Keeping strong. HOOAH.

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Please, DO NOT worry all will be OK.<br />
Enjoy, the ride time goes bye fast.

hey miss cutler....u will make it tru this..ur god will put tings in place..jus ask him..he will.....good luck..u see...everyting will be ok....

Well, when you get there we have to be friends lol Thank you. I feel better knowing I'm not alone.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I guess I'm just nervous about the whole thing. I don't want to feel lost. I have been enrolled in DEERS I have Tricare and I have my militarhy ID. I'm just nervous. I need to feel confident.

Welcome to the crazy life of an Army Wife! One thing you HAVE to have is a General Power of Attorney and a Special Power of Attorney for finance. Also, either you or him need to watch his LES. Sometimes the pay gets all messed up always double check the ammounts they are paying are correct for where you are (like housing allowance). Also, there is a pay you can receive for moving- not sure if youd get it with this move, but id have him ask. Its money to help with the costs- and you DONT have to repay it. Missing an FRG Meeting is not a big deal at all.. honestly you dont actually have to attend them. I am my FRGs Leader so i do haha.. but i love our FRG here. It helped me to meet younger wives- im only 22, im also the youngest FRG Leader our Units ever had, the leaders usually the spouse of the Company Commander or some other high ranked soldier, my husbands only an E4- was an E3 when his LTC and CSM and Commander asked me to be the leader... but again, no one will be mad if you miss a meeting. I just like them for the social aspect. Also, go to the ACS or CAC on post. They have classes and tours and tons of stuff you can do, which will help you meet others. Also once you contact the ACS ask when they'll hold the next AFTB Classes. I think EVERY military spouse should take them. It helps you to understand the army- it even helps my husband!! I love taking them... also, email your husband, if he has friends who are married you can get to know their spouses... Also, your husband has you enrolled in DEERS correct? and in TriCare? and you have your id card? You NEED these before you can do anything. I recommend not having children just yet- i've been married 3 years and have none. You will be stressed a lot right now, and busy and might feel overwhelmed- i dont think you would want to be pregnant on top of that right? Also, you're newlyweds- i promise you that a child would kill the honeymoon phase. Spend a few years enjoying your time together- travel and have fun. I think getting a dog or cat would be a good idea! We're looking into adopting a Retired Military Police Dog... dont be afraid to get involved in the unit! I love being involved- but i refuse to make my life all about the Army....

Thank you! I feel better. =) You're right about holding off on the baby lol He's enough to take care of. We're stationed in Ft.Drum NY. Is there anything else that you're suposed to go to or anything besides FRG meetings?

First you need to take a breath! lol.... It will all work out. FRG meetings are okay but believe me you wont be too sad if you miss one. lol.... Also where are you geting stationed, then someone might be able to give you more info on what housing looks like. There is no furniture only what you bring. I would def wait on the baby though, because you are young, and i know i had my son at 17 and the next at 20 its no joke when they are away. Focus on your marriage before you add something more to it. Get a dog or some kind of pet first. lol.....You will make friends just fine, Its not all that bad. His friends become your friends and then its like your all family, Good luck to you!