My Nude Modeling Experiences

I've gotten to do this a few times, and have enjoyed it every time. It is such a freeing feeling.
It feels so good to lay aside inhibitions and restrictions and to feel comfortable being completely naked in
front of a group of people. The first time I did it I was really nervous. It was a very small group of older people with great art skill
(art instructors, faculty, etc.). I am male, and the first few time i did it it was all other males. I wasn't sure I did well, but they kept asking me back. It was always all males except one time and a female art teacher was there drawing. I find the whole thing very relaxing (except sometimes you do really get tired!)

Well a few nights ago I posed nude for a college art class. I was real nervous to do it at first, because it was a relatively large group (20+) and all college age and I am 40+. It was equal half and half between male and female. Just took a deep breathe, pulled off the robe, and stepped up naked on the platform. You sure can't hide when it's a circle arrangement and you are the center of the circle!
It is a rather nice feeling to feel air on every part of your body and skin and be standing there in public. I hope to do it again soon!

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KorMan's Handy-Dandy All-Purpose ***** Buster: imagine Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Moore posing together in thongs. That would wilt a flagpole. ;-)

But seriously, young to middle-aged guys are susceptible to unexpected and undesirable physical reactions in situations that are perceived as sexual, even subconsciously. A man posing nude for the first time is fighting cultural taboos and biases, and is influenced by the idiotic social perception that the only time men are naked is when they are engaged in sexual activity.

As a nudist, I'm aware that the #1 question in every prospective male nudist's mind is, "What if I get an erection?" What we tell them is that although it does happen, it's very rare. Usually, talking with them after the first day at a nudist venue includes being told, "You were right. There's nothing sexual about being there."

On topic, although life modeling is not a similar environment, it is like nudism in that it is not a sexually charged atmosphere. The model is not on the dais to do pole dancing or to wag the willy. When he is posing, he is a still life with legs, and real artists view him with the same detachment as they would give a bowl of fruits. They no more focus on the pubic paraphernalia than they would on the stem of an apple. It's just something to draw.

Not without reason are models called males and females. It minimizes any sexual aspect.

If the stirring is detected despite the factors weighing against it, don't dwell on it. The more a fellow tries to get his little guy to go back to sleep, the more likely it is to say defiantly, "Stuff it, dude! I'm gonna look around here."

Instead, concentrate on the next pose, or compile the grocery list, or do some other mental exercise that requires attention at the expense of thinking about that blossoming *****. Remember that the mind is a woody's life support mechanism. Without that mental cheerleading, it will get bored and resume its nap.

If, OTOH, a male model finds himself in the unenviable position of serial stiffies while posing, he should reevaluate his choice of avocations. He may not be mature enough or self-controlled enough to succeed.

I would never stand in front of a group of artists completely naked because I'm not the thin type they prefer. Being a bodybuilder I wouldnt get much work.

A note to "malefiguremodel" several posts below:
As I said in the previous post, anxiety can cause an erection. When the new female student set up right in front of you, that clearly caused anxiety for you, and that caused the erection. It was probably not related to sexual thoughts at all. Let me make one more point here: There can be many reasons for an erection. .One of the strangest involves the fact that during the days of public hangings, it was noted that about one third of all males executed would develop an erection during the process. Clearly this had nothing to due with sexual thoughts. So the idea that an occasional erection is unprofessional is just nonsense, based on ignorance of the male body and mind.

I am a male who has just begun a "career" as an art model, and certainly I am concerned about the possibility of getting an erection in class. But I know enough about human physiology to understand that very often men get erections for reasons completely unrelated to sexual thoughts or sexual arousal. Anxiety or stress can cause an erection, and standing naked in front of a classroom is reason enough to get stressed out. Even most men don't realize this simple fact. And sexually-related "emotions" or feelings totally unrelated to conscious thoughts can certainly cause an erection. So all this talk erections being "unprofessional" simply ignores the fact that erections will happen from time to time and that in general, men can not really control it. In a more understanding world, men would not have to worry about the "professionalism" of this normal phenomenon.

Sandmar, you are soo disapprooving, it can happen and it can also be requested, to talk about the reason why we are there, is all well and good but we wouild not be human if theses thing were totally controlable, yes it can be a matter of concentration-for some- it happens and you over react -you can make your model feel very bad. I suggest you relax a little, if it doesn't interest you ignore it and it will eventually subside.

i have sketched many models and have never seen one get it up or even part of the way, and it would be completely unprofessional if that happened. if you cant control it then it is a problem. it isnt a sexual thing to be drawing a model, and there has to be a neutral environment. of course we are dealing with humans so occasionally attraction can happen but if you are aroused you need to keep it to yourself and dont let it show. it is really important to have this neutrality as you can imagine. besides a lot of time and work goes into drawing and it is very difficult, so to have an unprofessional model is a huge annoyance and waste of time, be it erections or models that think modeling is just taking off your clothes and not moving. if it floats your boat being naked and looked at, find something else to do that allows you to enjoy it in that way, artists arent there for that. Even the odd time when i find a model attractive sexually and especially if they find me as well, if i dont concentrate and put that aside during that time i can assure you my work will look like crap. personally i would find being that distracted disrespectful to the model as well. i think not respecting that your are dealing with someone's nudity is a big mistake, and students shouldn't be closer that two arms length from the model at the most, you have the right to your space,(and the right to change privately and not in the middle of the room, which many places seem to disregard) anyway, good luck to all.

it's on my bucket list

I've been modelling for life drawing classed for nearly a year now, at first i was a bit concerned about getting an erection but thankfully it has never happened (so far). I've done a couple of poses with nude females which were pretty challenging, one in particular as she was good looking and smelled amazing. There was one time an art teacher asked if we minded the class coming round us for a briefing, which we agreed to. We posed and the teacher brought the group round so close you could feel their brething, she then began to talk about our bodies and the angles we were making with each other and the ground. Having a hippy chick art teacher and 12 college students within touching of you, whilst a beautiful woman lays into your chest can be a tough situation. Especially when she starts talking candidly about the way my penis lay against my leg and I could see every eye in the room focusing on my goods. All that went through my head was "think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts!" Still don't know how I managed to stay soft!

to be honest sounds like the instructor was just being a flake and really not respecting the models, it actually skews perspective to be that close to models .... sadly not all art instructors are created equal. even if i am taping off a pose i can assure you i still keep my distance as much as possible and def my professionalism.

It is deffinately frowned on!! I posed for a group one time that was all female. One student came in late and set up right in front of the spot I was looking at (I try to pick a spot away from the eyes of the artists, since looking them in the eye is also frowned upon.) After a few minutes I felt things start to swell. With a lot of concentration I managed not to get fully erect, but it was a constant struggle for the 30 min pose. I haven't been asked back :-(

then that place you went to was too conservative. if they wouldn't ask you back to pose because you got aroused then they're ignorant to how the male body works

sorry but you are ignorant of why you are there in the first place and how important it is to keep it non-sexual. if you had that much trouble then practice with friends, or maybe try something.

You are ignorant! I am a male model, and have been modelling for several years. And there was one day I started to get aroused, for no reason at all, I wasn't sexually attracted to anyone, I was completely embarrassed, I thought I was going to throw up! It lasted all of 2 minutes, and it never happened again. And thank god people like you, were not there to make me feel like **** about myself! It just ticks me off, that people like you think that if an erection happens it automatically makes males a pervert! Not all of us want or expect to get an erection, sometimes it just happens, like for me, apparently once every 3years, and I hope they would never not ask a male model back because of that.

My first modeling experience was with a small group, more women than men, one young woman. It was a sculpture class, so I posed sitting for the whole three hours, on a makeshift turntable. Every time I sat facing the young woman it would be a constant battle to stay soft. I managed fairly well and was offered work at another of the teacher's classes, but the place and time didn't fit my schedule.<br />
After three hours in the same position, I always went home with aches and pains, but they would disappear over night.

Yes, I asked the model who had gotten aroused and he told me he has had time where he has been fired or not asked back. So it wasn't his first time getting hard!

that's absurd! why would a model just be fired for a most likely NRB? (No Reason *****)

That is definitely frowned upon in most colleges and art studios that I've ever heard of. It is considered "unprofessional". If a guy feels it start to happen, he usually will ask for a break.<br />
Otherwise you more than likely won't be asked back. Having said that, I did see a model once when I was drawing that was obviously getting a "stiffy" a few times when posing. But it wasn't for a very long time.