My Wife The Labia Model

Hi all I was reading about women modeling in experience project so I figured I would write this story about my wife who is over 60 years old and still modeling nude. She just modeled for an artist that will be showing the pictures of my wife in Boston MA gallery and now he has asked her to do some Labia modeling for him.

I told my wife about the modeling that the artist wants her to do and she said OK almost immediately, but there is one thing she does not like to have done to her the Photographer touching her while she is nude, well with Labia Modeling the artist said that he would have to touch her very intimately for this type of photo session or he will not be able to use her. I told her this and she at first got angry with me, but after I explained how she would be modeling and the point of interest, her vagina, then she relented and said that it would be OK for the artist to touch her.

Nothing was said about her coming modeling gig until the day of the session. I came home at about noon time and my wife was wearing slacks, a pull over top with bra and panties. She was all made up she looked beautiful and the only part of her that will be photographed today was her vagina.

It was a quiet ride out to the artist’s studio it takes about an hour and 10 minutes to get there. The closer we got the more I could see the stress in my wife’s face. I tried to calm her down but she only became more stressed.

Getting there she almost did not get out of the car, but when the artist came out and told her how nice she looked I could see the stress leave her face. He opened the door for her and she followed him into the house. He asked her if she wanted a beverage she asked for an Ice tea. He got the beverage then sat down and started conversing with her. When he told her that he would have to be touching her intimately today she got sort of stressed again, but he explained the situation and she finally agreed that she would let him touch her. I remained quiet all through the conversation they had.

The next hurdle was the artist asking her to undress she asked if he wanted her nude the artist said that he would doing the photos with her stripping from the waist down to begin with if she did not want to ***** completely nude, so she went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later bottomless. She did not shave her vaginal area she just trimmed it neatly. The artist examined her vaginal area and told her how pretty her intimate area looked and he was very glad that she was giving him the privilege of photographing her labia as he ran his fingers through her pubic hair and the folds of her vagina. I was in heaven watching someone that she just met do this to her.
He had a chair with arms on it so she sat on it then he had her put her legs on the arms. This is when it got interesting because the artist was about a foot away from my wife’s nude vagina he started to adjust her moving her vaginal lips open and snapping pictures. He took a few then showed her that the top she had on was showing so she was the one that decided to remove all her clothes.

My wife did not bother to go into the bathroom, but finished stripping in front of us. She got back down in the chair and spread herself open again for the two of us to see her most intimate area. Her vaginal lips were getting engorged presently and her lips were moist. You could see her **** peeking out of her sheath as the artist was actually inserting his fingers in her to adjust her labia to photograph them. The session was going on for about twenty minutes when the artist asked if my wife wanted a break she said yes and he got some tea for her while she went to relieve herself. When she came back she spread herself open again, this is when the artist said that she could bring her legs together if she wanted to siting in a more modest position she said that she enjoyed being exposed then she blushed red.

It was a 10 minute break and my wife spread herself wider than before for us. The artist was getting bolder with my wife he was rubbing her **** presently and my wife was on the verge of an ******. He asked her if she wanted him to bring her off and she said she did, so I watched another man bring my wife to ****** in front of me for the first time.

They continued with the photo, there was a knock on the door. The artist excused himself and went to the door. It was one of his artist friends he told my wife that if she liked the session could be over and she could get dressed or if she wanted to continue she could as long as his artist friend could come into the studio. She thought about it then looked at me. I said it was up to her and she said she wanted to continue so the artist invited the other man into the studio. It was funny to watch his eyes as they went directly to my wife vagina, then as an afterthought he looked at me. My wife was a pretty shade of red with a very wet vagina she was leaking out of her slit onto the towel she was sitting on and her **** was very rigid.

The artist got back down between her legs with the camera and started taking pictures and adjusting her. She needed another ****** and she asked him to bring her off. My wife laid her head back and had the most intense ****** that I have ever seen her have.
He said that he was done with the photo shoot presently, my wife laid there with her legs spread showing us all her feminine charms in the afterglow of her ******. It took her about 6 minutes to come back to earth. Looking up she saw all of us looking at her while we were discussing the photo shoot. She did not close her legs she just stayed totally exposed to us even opening her legs more to us. My wife started to converse with us unconsciously rubbing her vagina and inserting her fingers into her vagina in front of us.

The other artist asked if she would be willing to model for him also, she looked at me and I said that it was up to her if she wanted to model again for the other artist. She agreed to model but not on this day she wanted to schedule another session in the future. We talked for another hour or so and my wife remained spread the whole time. All of us were marveling at her beautiful pubic area as we kept her talking and we were watching her rub her vagina as we conversed.

The artist said that we had to leave as it was time for his son to get home and he did not want a naked lady in the house when he came in. My wife decided that it was so warm that she would ride home nude, so she picked up her clothes gave them to me and I brought them outside for her she walked to the car nude and we were off.

On the way home she asked me what I thought of the session I told her I liked it, she said she did also and was looking forward to the next session. My wife said that she would rather do the vaginal modeling than full body as long as I was OK with it. I was more than OK to let my wife show her most intimate area to people she just met and she got paid for it also.

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OMG, you have to share the photos, did you get to take any of him getting her off?

what an experience - doe's she still become excited when re-living it?

Very erotic story.

wow! what a fantastic photoshoot! I can only imagine how exciting it must have been having your wife's ***** on display for so long and played with too.

May I see some her pictures?? Do you have any of this session?

Love to see some of the pictures!!

what a beautifull and sexy wife you have and your one lucky guy .

update to this story<br />
my wife was contacted by a photographer to do another labia modeling session which she accepted and these pictures will also be in a art show, but with a difference the photographer will insert her labia pictures into a larger picture with other subject matter suchas flowers and other scenes. Should be pretty interesting and my wife thinks it is great that she can be seen in public.

having her ***** on public display will really be an experience! bravo!

i love your story. very nice. hope my wife can model her labia too.

That was extremely hot

Your wife is really hot. Your story telling is terrific too. I love how you call it artistic... showing in an Gallery in Boston. I find it artistically horny.

Wow Tony, what an amazing story! It must have been very exciting seeing your wife being studied so intimately. I'm glad to hear that she loved it too. She sounds like quite a woman your wife. I wonder if she'd like to model for me.....