First Time For Everything

I was literally maybe six weeks off the farm in college when I attended a party where we knew some faculty members would be. For us, this was the ultimate in "cool." Over the course of the evening, an art faculty member introduced himself and engaged me in a lengthy conversation about his work. Near the end of the conversation he said "you know I could really use your help in a project Im working on -- could you come to my studio at noon tomorrow?" "Sure," I said, thinking he needed boxes moved or something.

I showed up at the appointed time and he greeted me and said "we're the only ones in here so you can get undressed anywhere" with the nonchalance he would have had if he had told me my shoelace was untied. Not wanting to seem like the yokel I was I ******** down to my tight whities and stepped on the posing platform.

"Those need to go too," he said. So I grinned and slipped them off.

Thus began my modeling career. I posed all through college and law school (it actually paid pretty well) and continue to do so probably once a month.
rexth rexth
36-40, M
May 13, 2012