Piano Student Dangling Her Court Shoes On Her Toes Drove Me Wild...

Some years ago I received a 'phone call from a young lady interested in piano lessons. She came to visit me & I was immediately stuck by her beautiful face. A few weeks later I started teaching her piano. I used to teach her at her house & she was always wearing a dress, never any tights or stockings & she used to wear court shoes. Right from the first lesson I noticed her tendency to dangle her court shoes on her toes when her legs were crossed. Her feet were as pretty as her face & I have to confess that the sight of her practically bare feet & her beautiful legs made it very difficult to be professional.

I also noticed that there was no panty line visible but I didn't dare consider the possibility that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

We formed a good friendship based on a shared interest but that was as far as it went - she was in a long-term relationship & I was actively "playing the field". Even after I stopped teaching her piano we stayed in touch. I continued to feel that she was the most beautiful woman I had known but suppressed these feelings as it would have been terrible to lose her friendship in this way.

Time passed & we both became single. One evening I found myself asking her out during a 'phone call. After agreeing & then postponing our date, she eventually rearranged it. We finally added the physical dimension to our friendship & it only served to deepen our relationship.

At a suitable juncture I confessed my admiration for her refusal to wear tights or stockings & also my adoration of her beautiful feet. She had endured years of being told to keep her feet away by her previous partner. I said that she was welcome to keep her feet very near me & in contact with me whenever she wished. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share this love of her feet & also that she knows her feet are sexy & is glad, at last, that someone appreciates them. She was even barefoot when we got married. Incidentally, she is beautiful all over, but her feet complete a very pretty picture.

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Thats HOT!

I love a woman that dangles, thats a beautiful thing. I wish i had a woman that dangles. I'm like u no stockings just heels or flats

i really love ladies feet & toes.<br />
when they dangle & play with their shoes it is amazing.<br />
very lucky man