I Am An Artist and a Mother


When my son was a toddler I began painting beautiful colorful art to bring happiness into the home. The paintings were of joyful faceless characters connected together in bold vibrant colors that made us both smile. It eased the pain that we both experienced from being kicked out of our home by my husband and my son's father.

What kind of man throws his wife and child out of their home?

Well, little did we know that what he did opened up many doors for my son and I since then . 

First, it showed  me how much I really loved being a mother! Secondly, my son grew to be a loving teenager. I continue to paint, and the paintings I started that were all around the house to bring happiness into our home for us, are now in the homes of many families.  I have taken our pain, and turned it into happiness and joy to share with other people every where. 

I think that's so amazing! What do you think?

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2009

Amazing indeed! "As a window closes, a door opens..."<br />
I find it very inspiring that you took an unfortunate situation from a selfish individual and created ways to bring life and light. Not only through an artistic vision gracefully applied to canvases, but via painting you and your son's life with wisdom and love... touching all those around you.<br />
You have formulated many lovely legacies!

Thank you for a great story!<br />
<br />
It shows what the Human mind can do!