Music And Art Are My Life.

Music is my escape. When I'm in my music room playing bass, it's like I'm in a different world. Each time I perfect a song, I feel like I've accomplished something huge. And when I'm at my piano lessons and my teacher compliments me on my playing, it's like something lights up inside of me.

Even listening to music can transport me away. Sometimes it strongly upsets me when I have to stop listening to the music I'm playing, because I have to go back into the harsh reality of my life.

Art is the same way. I love to draw, design, write, take pictures, read, and make clay charms. This is pretty much all I do with my life. It might seem like I have no life, but I'm very happy when I'm doing these things. They stop me from crying and cutting.
secretxshadow secretxshadow
13-15, F
Feb 6, 2012