Any One Armed Musicians?

 Well, I am to have my arm amputated at the elbow on April 19, 2010 due to my arm being paralyzed in a motorcycle accident 4 1/2 years ago.  I've had all kinds of nerve studies & surgeries but nothing has brought it back so I'm having the dead weight from the elbow down removed.  I'm really looking forward to this because I can still move my shoulder & upper arm pretty well although its useless right now w/ the dead weight hanging.


My biggest passion before I was hurt was music and its been the hardest thing to give up.  Well, after some youtube searching I ran across a guy that has his arm amputated at or very close to the elbow and playing a guitar w/ a sleeve that holds a guitar pick.  If you go to youtube and type, one arm guitar, into the search bar it will be the fist video to pop up, its 1:32 long.  Does anyone use or know where to get this device?  I want to play again SO bad, and I WILL find a way but I thought if I could use this device that someone is already using I could get back on the horse a lot faster.  Any help would be AWESOME!!





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Oh that's awesome!! Taking a bad situation and instead of being depressed and down you turn it around on itself!! Again that's so wonderful!! I have such respect for that!