I Paint And Draw

Mostly characters with a "naive" streak. I have posted 12 of my works in my profile gallery, all of which have been in local exhibitions. Yeah, I'm proud of it. Very proud. Even though some of them are old and my "penmanship", especially in painting has changed radically. The more you practice, the better you become.

I wasn't born with a gift, I started practicing. I have practiced every day since I was twelve by drawing on the back of junk mail letters and commercials. And I don't consider being artistic a "gift", but a tool. A tool to solve problems and overcome communication barriers.

I never attended courses or classes, and I never even considered art school. Art school is for rich daddy's girls who will marry rich and make bears - I mean, beautiful, vapid things. I can't begin to tell you how many of my pictures have been turned down by the audience because they're too dark/violent and this is where I show them my gold nugget (no pun intended): A picture says more than a thousand words. There are some things in life that no words can describe, but a picture can put these things in a perspective we can understand.

I also like rewieving other people's art, especially drawings. Drawings are so intimate and personal. I hope I'll find some here ;)
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I'm not a fan of those sort of places either, because I believe art is fundamentally about self-ex<x>pression. It can be whatever you want it to be.