Why Are You So Far?

Far away in an unfamiliar land, how can you be so far? Unable to grasp your hand, why can't I be there? I try and call the slightest memories of you to mind, hopefully easing the distraught heart within. Details of life get lost, my perception of time is blurred with thoughts of you. Too many nights fighting back tears leave my dreams in your shackles. How can you be so far? That hell hole turns the unknown into an unrealistic nightmare. I worry, will you come home? Will you call again? Don't let yourself be tortured like I am every day, from the unknown. How can you be so far? Unable to hear me call for you, unaware of the troubles building. Every tear that drops is a word my heart doesn't know how to express. Alone. We are both so alone. Even though our hearts may be synchronized, when disconnected, a void space remains. I wake up each morning and paint a smile on my face and get ready to put on the daily show while I know you are getting ready to go to sleep, unsafe, alone, and ready to be called upon for any moment disaster could strike upon you. Thousands of miles come between us and my heart is at war, trying to fight your battles to ensure your safety. When will you be home? My heart aches with three little words-- I miss you. How can you be so far?
thelighthousekeeper thelighthousekeeper
May 25, 2011