I Need It

i need art, i crave it, i love it, i look for it, i make it, i cant live withought it! Even when im not physically making art, im always looking at it or im around it. I go on the computer every night and look at paintings, drawings, skulptures ect that other people have made... sometimes for inspiration, and sometimes just because its beautiful. I would love to get a job as an artist, where i get paid to sit there all day drawing, and than sell my art work :) sounds like a wonderful life!! when im in a good mood ill look for happy pictures, and when im in a bad mood i look for sad pictures, seems like i would want to see something happy to cheer me up, but its the other way around. Dont know why... I would deffinatley call myself an "artist" and im very proud to say that :) i love art
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i love art just as much as you do! do you do realistic, anime, abstract,just plain design? i love how there are soooooooooo many choices!!!and colors!!! actually, even glass!i was at my brothers friends yesterday, and wow. he made my a dancer out of glass.he can make figurines, and his flowers are butiful!!!i didnt spell that right lol. when im older, i want to open up a shop where i can sell art, and teach young artists to draw and paint too! i went to one for a while...it didnt help. i want people to understand all art! hey, you want to chat sometime?lol...one comment and im talking to you as if we have known each other for a while.,well, keep working hard!!!!:)

wow, you sound alot like me!! I love anime, its the main thing i draw. Actally... your profile pic, i drew that about a year ago and i have it tacked up on my wall. I added a few details thoughs. Id love to chat with you sometime! You sound like a "cool" person... so next time were both online hit me up cuz im not sure how to start a chat with somebody... lol :)

yeah! i love anime.it is what i draw the most, but i want to get better at drawing realistic people...lol i am so bad at that :D
yeah, if i draw something someone else has already done, i add all types of details to make it my own!!well, idk...if you want to email me and we can chat, my email is...megan9107@yahoo.com!! yep...well...ok, later!

I wish I had more students like you.