Yay Again! =p

I sold another painting this weekend. It was the first painting in acrylic that I've done in several years, as i normally don't use acrylic at all. I only use pastels normally, and occasionally I draw in graphite pencil or charcoal. All of which allow me more control than using acrylics.. I don't really get on well with the brush, and I dislike having to wait for layers of paint to dry... but it went well this time.
It's also the one that's sold for the most money since the last acrylic painting I sold several years ago. It's the first time I've ever done a portrait of a dog or any pet in acrylics, so I'm really pleased that it went well, and that I got a good price for it, and a pleased customer. =)

this is the source photo I used. :)

... and this is the painting that I did from it. I hope you like it. =)

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3 Responses Dec 19, 2011

nice job

thank you. ^_^

This is gorgeous painting! Wonderful! Love the angle of the portrait too. I expect the owner was very pleased! :)

Thanks! =)

Thats really really cute :P

Haha! I'm really really happy you think so =P Thanks Luna. =)