Was Gang Raped At 16jears Old

So when my mother came out of jail for raping me when i was 11jears old and 3jears old she planed a birthday party for me i tought she changed and ment it good she phoned 16guys and told then bring condoms with i tought she was making jokes when the arrived my mom pored me some colddrink in i was feeling woozy i just blacked out when i woke up i was tied up naked with my legs spread open and all of them were also naked i started crying and screaming my mom came and hid me told me (if you dont shut the **** up i will fucken kill you ****!)i just kept on crying so the first guy came put on a condom and pres in his **** when he was finished the second guy came put on a condom and pres in his **** until they al have finished than my mom came and put on a strap vibrator and also raped me i was crying continuestly when she untied me she said (tell anyone and i will kill you!)i was feeling very dirty and bathed 10times that day when i went to bed i saw my epillepsy pills laying on my cobord and drank the hole bunch my brother found me lying on the floor he was screaming and my grany came in and phoned the ambulance i wanted to die so i was in hospital for 3weeks and was releashed the 3rd week i had may nightmares after that
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Oh darling I am so sorry for your pain and suffering, bless you, may you find strength and comfort as you make a life of your own. Your Mother is a very sick individual, I hope that you are far away from her now. Hugs and tender care, Hilly

Thank you for caring yes i am far away from her now

She should have been locked away for forever! They should put her in a Prison where she get Whipped and Tortured EVERYDAY! LOVE YOU!

Thanks for caring! About me i love you to mwah!