The Disasster

   Well i was working on it yesterday, but its been in the making for a week or two. Infact i painted the deer in the summer just past. Remember thats there is only 2 part days that i go to Magenta to paint each week. I try to add more idea, to put more into it each visit. Actually, i painted it originally as just the deer grazing on a slope somwhere out in the ountryside. I used a roller to paint them and it was a quik rendition. It was a boring subjet to me but i just wanted to see what i could acheive with a roler instead of brushes. Once i completed the deer, i put it with a heap of other insignificant art attempts in the studio to dissappear into obscurity. Then the Fukushima event became a hot topic in my conciousness. I wanted to paint somthing about the disasster. Having seen a Banksy exhibition late last year, i thought id like to try somthing along that style for the catastrophe. Then i glanced at the boring deer painting. And i had a picture of a racing car smash up torn from a magazine ive carried around with me for years. And i thought here is an opportunity to put all these things to gether on this dull deer painting, and i will throw some Fukushima in there too!
                                          I added the skull in the forground after sitting back and just looking at it. It appeared to be there in the grass, so i painted it in more obviously.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I like it. I think art that takes time to sit ends up the best. It's funny how I know all the la<x>yers and the stuff under, but the audience only see's what it see's. It makes me think of cars hitting deer, which should be sad,,,but then there are bright colors. I like the contrast. Bravo!