Madeline Mccann Ghost Experience

Because I saw her in my dreams even in her fully aberration she's telling me she not alive she dead I draw what she look like she have dark brown hair with black eyes wearing a pink pony tale she was gone missing in may 3 2007 she from London this is wried because I never seen her photo look like I never hear this on news before she came to me first before the news
People find out I saw her name in my dream I spell it out is was MADELINE M that's only name just in my dream in tuseday mooring I heard the news that a little girl who is gone missing when she was 9 years old in may 3 in 2007 & her full name was MADELINE MCCANN I was shock because it was the same name I spell in my drawling when they show the photo what she look like I was still shock it was the same little girl so we have a ghost girl name MADELINE MCCANN last time I saw her aberration she was 16 not 9 years old it that possible u still change your age when your still dead or gone missing ... I think I'm psychic because I see ghost like every time in my life I heard voices footsteps & orbs that's why I want be a ghost hunter because I had ghost paranormal experience when I was 19 years old now I'm 22 years yes I still see ghost still this is the truth story because I took photos I see orbs in my photos it that creepy thanks for reading my truth story about my ghost in La Jolla California I'm just a girl who see ghost yes ghost is 100% thanks have a great day
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Thank you all for sharing! For of course we go home to the other side. And of course all the animals are there! People say animals don't go to heaven.The Other Side is filled with love and who loves more than our animals? If they don't go,,,,then I don't want to go either!

When I was 19, I had a blind cat. She was sweet, but her eyes had been swelling against her brain since she was born. A friend of mine had her put down without consulting me. I was devastated. That night, I couldn't stop crying and thinking about her, so I laid in my bed and decided to see her. I began to let go and encounter the thoughts and beliefs I had buried in my mind. I have a fear of death, but in that moment I chose to let it go. Just then I felt something pressing on my bed that felt like little feet or paws. I knew it was her, and relaxed myself even more. Just then I felt pressure on my neck. I began to panic, but remembered that she used to sleep there while I slept to feel my vocal chords vibrate and know I was still in the room. After I acknowledged what was happening and felt peace, the phenomenon ceased. Now I know there is life after "life" :)

It was in 2009 when my husband got killed, it was so hard to get over how he got killed he got shot plenty of times and that was and still is my true love. Well I had experience this one , the same night after he had gotten killed i just kept him on my mind I did not know how to relax, sleep, eat or think all I did was cried it was just so sad and I don't know but I do know that it took God and praying to get me where I am today, because I was pitiful. That exact night I was laying in my bed couldn't sleep just staring at his picture on the wall, knowing I was tired and need some rest, I felt something sit down on the other side of my bed real soft the way my husband sit down on the bed at time he was a real easy going person, but anyway I turn toward that way where I had felt the bed had smooched down at and I said "Okay Jerry baby I know that's you. (My husband name) and I felt relaxed and I just fell right on to sleep and I did rest that night. And I have had about 3 encounter with things happening with my husband in these encounters after he was killed. And this is the truth, nothing but the truth.

I am so, so very, deeply sorry for your loss! My sincere condolances,. Oh! my goodness, i could never ever, ever, imagine your pain and sorrow, my darling, Gray5.
I read your take on this and thought! My best friend Ann experienced a similar phenomanon as yourself, when she sadly lost her husband to a heart attack! She too was led in bed, thinking of Lloyd when all of a sudden, she said she looked toward the door and in the frame fof the doorway! there, she said she saw him,. Dressed in like an angel gown looking down at her!, she said she reached her hand out to him as she called his name and he just disappeared! She said she was fine after that, as, she believes he came back to say he was alright and carry on with her life!,.
Thought i would share this with you, my darling, because of the similarities! :D

May it thank you for sharing your comment! :D :D

Thank you very much.