hi all i just wanted to know why society looks down on artist - professional or otherwise?? im more of an illustrator btw but its almost like we had reached a dead end in life and decided to study art because we couldnt quite find what else to do with our lives. i hate it impreparing to go onto my foundation/ diploma course in art and design but my confidence in what i can do has waned so much that even when some one asks me what im studying i find it hard to say a''art and design" its frustrating.
suddenstorm suddenstorm
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I know what you mean. You tell people youre an artist, they look like they wanna roll their eyes. Like youre just a dreamer whos wasting their time. But just remember dreamers make all the beauty in this world.

thanks ramonam, you sound like youve been there. how did you cope or what did you do about it?