Dancing With The Light

It flowed today and i just did what i know. Dampy grisselly and a tad sensual.  
      a calm of general activity 
                      and crosswords.
                                       Bring in the colour*
  Sorry, it wont upload a colour shot of it!

   I dont know why as ive tried and tried. 

28th and they still wont upload!   No its up. I just had to convert the pics to JPEGs. You can see from this shot that im really slapping in the paint thick and unashamedly.  I dont smoke but an ecig is a great photo prop  .


                                                                                      Im getting better at it i think. Its all accrylic paint work which is less messy and quick to dry.
                              I have another painting i just did in my Black n Blue story in the  'i love the Experience Project' group! Its the same style.
lafsnack lafsnack
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3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I really like the texture you achieve in your work. Beautifully done!

are you in one of thses pics?

Hell no

i thought you were maybe the guy with the flat hat on

I am person in my avi pic.

Hi Lafsnack,,,,,it's beautiful! I would love to see it in color too!

I did some more on it today and will try to upload new pics.

I tried but wouldnt do it. I think it because my broadband rental has expired and im now only on dial up till 28th. So hopfully then it will do it.

What the trick is, to put the pics thru LunaPic first to JEPG them so ep can handle its size .

what is luna pic?

Its a online photo edditor where one can do this to there pictures and then have them changed to what they want. FREE

ill have to check it out... i lov to be able to edit my pics with this n that

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