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can i still be called an artist if i use a computer and photoshop to create my images
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I think artists do a lot worse then that so ya that's fine u are all good

Of course , you're coz everyone is an artist, there is something that you can do and others not and vise versa, have a nice day :D

of course. you can paint on the computer just as you can with real paints. you can make collages, etc... as long as your vision is coming through, no reason not to. a lot of people don't consider digital art as real art simply because they don't understand the process.

Isn't it an art form ? It may not be your own stroke, but you tied it together to represent your version of art!

If it is your own hard work, perserverence, and idea, then yes. I cannot tell you how many times I see people on places like DeviantArt, sketching little things from some random anime and then smoothing it all over with effects and blurred colors to make it look like their own. You see, I see Digital Art as a sort of Autotune. Many times people who can't sing use Autotune to sound good, and make money and obtain fame from that. Likewise, people who can't draw or create anything by themselves, let the computer do it for them in Digital Art. However, if used CORRECTLY, it can help enhance your talent/creation. Art is so much more than people think. You feel the emotion and passion in your work, the great feeling of seeing YOUR work done, and what you've accomplished, in ANYTHING you do, whether it be making statues out of toothpicks or sketching out blueprints for a building, or Digital Art. :-)

yeah i like Deviant art and i've shared some of my photography

Of course! What you do is digital art. Art does not take form of one thing, it takes form of many. From drawing to making pieces out of crapped metal..anything is art.

absolutely!!!! remember the key word here is your CREATING. because even with the conventional idea of an artist (painters), they used paint to create, you just use tech and thats fine