I Am A Visually Challenged Artist (and My Vision Is Failing Fast) Http://tinyurl.com/9rzghrj

I am hoping to connect with artists like myself who had "normal" vision and are now or have experienced a severe drop in acuity over a period of time;whether it be days or years.

I have a comparative sort of perspective because I haven't ALWAYS seen things this way but when you have a slow to develop condition you often don't notice changes until something comes along to remind you about how things used to look.

I KNEW before the doctors diagnosed me after I saw a painting done by Seurat during his Pointilist period. Once I saw that I literally broke down in the gallery and sobbed. I see the world in a group of pixilated colors and in hindsight I was crying because ...my teachers in art classes gave me such a hell of a hard time and I kept telling them "but this IS how I see the world" (those paintings are all yet to be added to my online site)

I am facing a gradual decrease in acuity and I don't know what the future has in store (there are NO artists ever who can report having my condition.)

I'd love some enlightened commentary on this..
angela1marie angela1marie
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I took a look at your artwork in the link and you have some really unique stuff. With losing your vision, have you thought about maybe working on creating sculpture. As a fellow artist, I can understand how losing ones eye sight could be devastating. Though, maybe in an odd way, maybe learning to see with your hands could be a blessing. With your creativity and unique way of viewing the world around you, I'm sure you could create some beautiful sculpture.

dang. it almost sounds as if your teachers wanted you to portray the world as THEY see it or, perhaps worse, as a camera sees it. you have the right, if not the duty, to paint what YOU see, whether you see it with your eyes or with instinct or imagination..

i see interesting stuff on the net about blind artists. you have something unique to contribute.

A saw a utube vid of an ellephant painting a picture and he/it had tallent .

Hi angela1marie, I just had to respond and tell you I have tons of sympathy for you! Sorry I cannot offer any solutions. Remembering what things looked like in your head and using your touch is what comes to mind. But, the process,,,,whew,,,,a long hard one. Just remember, you are an artist regardless! Sending loving white light to surround you and bless you.