The Last Three

The last three paintings Ive done have been awful Two oils and an acrylic. and 3/4 of the way done Ive "woken up" for lack of a better term, and found i have run my fingers through them, all three....

When I paint I get lost in it. Its soothing. An escape. Maybe I am subconsciously trying to tell myself something....that maybe I sabotage myself.  

Maybe it was all my fault....
Maybe I left him no choice but to cheat, to lie....

maybe I was smearing the paint and not realizing it...
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6 Responses Nov 26, 2012

This is a beautiful metaphorical revelation on how your subconscious can work against you if you don't catch it in time. Keep meditating on these things and you will awaken for longer periods of time and find yourself sleeping through life less often.

punk1n ur awesome

Do you ever find that you like the way the paint feels on your hands? I paint with oils and like you wrote, I too get lost in my work. It's almost meditative. Anyhow, I love the way the paint feels on my hands.

Cool. I was in my friends nude wedding as a matron of honor of sorts. Well, I was painted with fire on the upper part of my body and I lead everyone through the woods where the wedding was to take place.

That's the only nude wedding I've been to. It was a Pagan wedding on Pagan land.

or maybe your art is an expression of who you are and after what you have been through, you simply aren't ready yet to express yourself. Maybe your art will be part of your healing, but won't be complete and satisfying until you heal.. or maybe, I should stick to coaching and just be quiet over here...smiles

You got to escape and you got to create and you got to express some of those feelings. Sounds like successful paintings to me!

First of all, don't start doubting yourself. He had a choice and he made it.
Second, I wanna see your stuff!... the paintings I mean.