Is It A Blessing Or A Curse?

Art is something I've dabbled in for most of my life; I've always had an artistic streak but haven't consistently expressed it. Being an artist seems to be synonymous with struggle, I've noticed. I only know a few artists who aren't wrestling with some sort of adversity or another, whether it's a substance abuse issue, financial destitution, or health problems. It almost feels like being an artist is akin to being possessed by some sort of demon; on a personal level, it always feels great to actualize my inner artist, like it gives my soul an inhalation of oxygen-
Last night I received recognition for my photography. I've been submitting occasional images to a photo contest online held by Vermont's largest newspaper since last winter. Two of my photos were selected out of some 44,000 submissions to be included as part of a calendar they've created. It has me feeling particularly pumped to do more of my art, yet it requires financial resources that are acutely lacking in my life at the moment. I wish I had a rich uncle or some other means of financially supporting my artistic aspirations, especially in light of the recognition I received last night. I wish I could find a way to sell more of my art, just to get it out in the world. I'm grateful for the gift I've been given in this life, because with it I help others to develop a greater sensitivity towards the natural world. The book I've been working on sporadically is itching to be completed. It feels like getting it out into the world is why I'm here. All I need to do is find a way to support myself while I finish it. Until it is, I know the waves of feeling like it's a curse to be an artist will continue to wash over me from time to time-
VTMarkus VTMarkus
46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012