Raw Talent

I have qlwqys been gifter w/ my ability for art. Even as an infant my parents recite my actions that were abnormal when expreswing my artistic ability,but up until this year for one of my credits, I have never taken an art class, but its a true passion of mine. The only thing that I hate about artistic gifts, is the people have made it into one big competition. While art is a great way to express ones self and blow steam, i hate how it evolves around meeting the standards of others which takes away the whole point. I love my talent or ability, but hate that i have to second guess myself,just b/c my art isnt like someone else's.
NotLolita NotLolita
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Do not worry about the standards. IF you folow them, you will end up doing what everyone else is doing. How boring. Do what you want. Creation is a way of letting your heart communicate. Do not let rules interfere with that communication. If you stude, study techniques and how tos to learn new tools. Stay in command of how what those tools are used for. You can be successful that way. And you get so define successful for yourself. I used to sell my art. Then a few years ago at one of those artists gatherings that always occur, a friend who does sculpture pushed me into coming up with my artists statement. It ended up to be that I want to share the majesty and beauty of life with those who cannot see it for themselves. I then quit selling art and am not successful again. But successful has been redefined. Do not worry about the standards. Please yourself and the ones who appreciate that will make it all the more rewarding.

Art isn't a competition or about meeting others standards until you begin asking people to buy your pieces. At that point it becomes business choices and that means competition and living up to customer standards.