Im Not A Good Artist K

But i could dig ..So if i had to critique my artsiest fartsiest masterpiece to hustle for chump-change :hmmm: .. prolbally be the bosses haed i sculptied outta plumbin putty ? yesssssss thast one of my favorite periods the putty period ,, object up for bid was Big Fat Haed w/ a biggie hubie goobie jooby sized nose w/ itty bitty turdy stikky putty rololls stuffed in the nostrils ..itty bitty ears & turd bushy eyebrows ..that lolooks just like him ...hmmm: took me prolbally 40 hrs to complete maybe more .. ill let it fly for a rololl of nickles k ?
MrWienerWrinkles MrWienerWrinkles
46-50, M
Dec 10, 2012