As an artist, drawing is the discipline that I am most attuned to. From an early age, I have loved to draw cartoons. When I was a college student, I was fascinated with the idea of studying drawing. Drawing the nude is a very pains-
taking process. What a beautiful sight one can create. Of course, the human figure already exists as a beautiful image. The artist's task is to do it justice.
I have always enjoyed looking at my own face in the mirror and doing self portraits. There were times when I would find myself in unusual places. Fortunately, I would have my sketchbook and a pencil. There were so many images which reached out and touched me. I had to respond with my tribute to their beck and call.
Getting back to cartoons, there are times when I think back to a comic ***** I had to create when I was in public school. I often think of trying to resurrect it. There were also drawings I did as a youngster on a monthly basis.
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I love drawing, and drawing the human, whether figure or face, is definatly one of the hardest things about tring to recreate what I see. It's children that make me made, when I try to draw them from my mind they look like really pathetic cartoon characters, and even with a picture I have a hard time trying to keep their faces from looking too hard and grown up. I always seem to need a subject and object too... but I love drawing them either way. Even if I'm not that good yet.