I love to draw, it's a passion of mine but my arm was injured after my second surgery on my spine. I gradually lost feeling in both my whole arm and left hand. I cant feel the hand i draw with anymore. so i'm training to either use my other hand and start over or figure out how to use the one i cant feel.  On January 9th of 2013 I drew for the first time in a long time but with my right hand, it wasn't very good. Recently in march I drew with the hand I can't feel it was horrible but at least you could tell what I was drawing. I think I was disappointed in myself because I used to be much better at drawing and having to restart all over again sucks. 
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1 Response Dec 27, 2012

ai, I would not want to experience this :/
wish you the best!

Itss all good it gets better, Thanks (: