It's Been So Long

It has been years since I really drew anything I mean I used to draw everyday now I'm lucky if I do anything in Photoshop the new media of choice for me.I have some of my work on the computer but so much what I have done was lost when my mom passed away .
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Well those programs and stuff take awhile to learn so maybe don't blame yourself if there has been a lapse in your production, I've kinda been going through the same thing. I still love to paint though but it is less commotion and fuss to work at the computer, ie; no brushes to clean or toxic materials to handle. No wet paint to beware of. I'm still learning and experimenting with the graphics thing and recently did a giclee print on canvas of a digitally generated image and hope to do more. Sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my dad in 09... Hopefully my mood will change too. Good luck with everything!

Same year as my mom but just when I thought was ready to start again I lost my dad I have been getting back into doing thins on the computer. But I had so much work most of which was pencil drawings I had posters I drew and many color images.I really miss having them cause I had many of them I did from things my mom inspired.

I have to ask then, how did you lose them?

Well my mom was sick and my family thought it would be better if we went our separate ways. So As I was getting ready to move I had my things packed all but my furniture. She passed on the 20th of the month and I was devastated to the point where I couldn't function. My family had to help me so in the move they got rid of much of what I had packed and of course I was in no shape to find out what happened to my stuff.

Aw heck, that's too bad. I find It is really hard to save and keep stuff without it getting lost or damaged after awhile.

I had drawings dating back to my teens but all that is gone but I can build it up again however it won't be the same.

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