Sold My First Painting

Last year I found an old acquaintance on Facebook who has started an art gallery at his place of business - he sells new and used office furniture and has a big warehouse with several floors - a big old brick building in town here that was once a manufacturing plant back in the early 1900s.  It is hardly a state-of-the-art gallery but he is using one floor of his warehouse as an art gallery now hosting local and regional artist, calling it Second Saturday, and so every second Saturday of the month we have an open house party with open mike for local musicians to play, free beer and wine and food, raffles and door prizes, and local vendors selling jewelry and stuff... and have close to 30 artists now participating and displaying there.  I have 6 pieces in there now... have not sold anything from there yet - I have the feeling most people go there just to party and hang out - but it got me motivated to check out some other local galleries and ended up (re)joining the local city art group, a more established "legitimate" gallery where people who might actually buy art would go first... they had a show there last month which I submitted a piece to... and it sold quickly!  I'm still kinda in a state of disbelief, I'll believe it when I get the check,right?  Like they say, show me the money!  
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3 Responses Jan 4, 2013

For me, the best celebration would be to get more work accomplished... finished and in the market... I did go out and buy a case of beer though, whoopie, huh?

Wow, so awesome! Are you going to go celebrate?!

Selling your first piece is a wonderful experience! Congratulations! ^_^