I love art, I love drawing on pencil paper and even the computer. But lately I've been torn between that and medicine.  I have to think about college because by next year I have to know what colleges I want to go to.  But I've been torn between the two.  I know most people will say "Go with medicine and take art as a hobby." but I just don't think I can do that.  I mean I haven't taken any classes for art really.  I hate doing that because it isn't what I want to do.  I don't want to draw realistic things, I want to draw more cartoon type things (anime to be specific) and I'm doing pretty good with good progress over the years, and that feeling you get when you finally get your drawing just right, it just makes me so happy!  If that happens I always end up smiling all day and it's just one of the best feelings I could get.  But with medicine I would be able to help someone and there's so much more work in the lines of finding a job.  But I'm also horrible in math and it's just so hard for me to understand, and medicine depends so heavily on those complicated forms of math.  I'm just so confused and don't know what to do :(
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You kinda said it yourself, that you can practice and learn your art alot on your own... you can even take a night course at a local community college or art association for that too, but it would be alot harder if not impossible to learn and practice medicine on your own. If you wanna do your own creative thing artistically, it takes time and sacrifice. You're young yet, you've got time on your side, and you never know how things will unfold for you. Keep an open mind and do what feels right, you will know when the time comes, don't seal your doom so soon! Things will happen that you don't expect and sometimes that equals success. Have fun and enjoy life, its great!