Regaining Dali

I am very much affected by Salvatore Dali, his art and his life. I am very much interested in the period he worked in which also involved the years of Surrealism. There is a second painter I like and that is Frida Kahlo, and by her association Diego Rivera, her husband. With them you have Andre Breton, and the people who were influential in the era, including Leon Trotsky.

I work in mixed media in a Dali-esque style, and this afternoon I was invited to take a couple of my paintings to an agent in the fifth arrondissement here in Lyon. She is interested in finding new art in the city that will challenge opinion, and she has kept two pieces of mine to consider.

I think she liked me because I challenge. I have mentioned I don't often wear skirts and dresses, and jeans as my outerwear I like my boyshorts, with stockings and leg warmers, a bras (sometimes) and a jacket or a shirt or sweater. No, I don't wear anything under my boyshorts, they are just the same as those you may wear as underwear.

Just before going to the interview appointment I opted to change from my mesh electric blue boyshorts to a nude coloured tight but not translucent boyshort. The walk to her office was only a half hour each way, and I was there just twenty minutes, showing my two pieces and telling her a little about me. I should hear more within the next week or so.
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Feb 11, 2013