When the Spirit Moves Me

Sometimes it's hard to draw.  I go in spirts, I may not draw for a long time, then I'll do several in a row.  I don't know if that's creative energy I wait on or what?

It feels good once I have accomplished a work!  I am not a seasoned artist, but some people seem to enjoy my work.  That's very gratifying!

Arts a good thing for me.  Once I get into my work, everything else around me disappears.  It's a way to escape this world for awhile.  Just like runners get a high from running, I think drawing activates those same endorphins.  They can lift me right out of a bad mood.

So many great artists had a mental illness.  I'm guessing they experianced the feeling of escape from this world too.  As well as the lift of emotions, so much like the runners high!


NewShoes NewShoes
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2 Responses Jun 17, 2007

I go to an artgroup for those with a mental illness and its good.

I can't draw or paint worth a hoot, and I do apreciate art so much. I think it is great to have a vice to like you say get you out of a bad mood, make you get that rush, mine is cooking and I'm quite the closet handy women... Just redesigned my kitchen, wow, it's such a sense of acomplishment.. Looks just like I had in my mind...