Odd choice of picture, I'm pretty sure that was the cover of the Tony Montana game for Xbox 'scarface'

I write, I draw abstract images that echo my train of thought, and I believe I have an artistic outlook on life. If I had endless resources I would write, and paint, and take photo's all day long...probably some sculpture as well. I would do it for the personal gratification of it, exploring representations of my personal philosophies and making each work a signature Smebro. I’d need to stay grounded in the real world, but I’d enjoy the freedom.

Then again, Artists rarely get their story told. How often does the artists say ‘this is what it meant to me’?, its far more likely to hear the critic say ‘He focuses on this because of an interest in…” or “In his childhood he was dadadadadada and so he has vented his frustration through this.

Art is what you make of it, as viewer and creator. Writing is my most enjoyable medium for now, its pure telepathy and there is not too many misinterpretations possible, whereas art is whatever the view claims “He made a pipe sculpture because he has a fascination with Phyllis’s”.

Art history was my favourite class, because I know how to think on my feet, I could say whatever I wanted about an Artists personal life and not be wrong (because no-one really knew anyway). Kind of like media studies but on a more individual basis.

Anyway, I am an artist

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Wow...I like you. I am an artist as well, but I am better at painting, sketching, sculpting....and so on then I am writing...I do try. I am trying to get my art out story told so to speak...but you are very right, the art is what the veiwer makes of it! It is almost annoying because critics and others think they know so much about art work....let them analize my art, they would be dead wrong. I would rather ask the artist what it ment to them...or say that it was MY feelings on it then try to guess what the true meaning is. ..anyway just had to comment on this.

Ahuh! The jokes on me and my youth. I never watched the original Al Pachino film, so I didn’t know that the cover is basically the same. The only reason I've learnt this in the last twenty-four hours is because that very same poster was in a friends repeat last night...Phoebes wedding, and it's on Joey's wall beside a Hitchcock poster.<br />
Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Joey ever held any interest in film? Let alone had a big enough interest to get those posters? What about Ross’s poster of Chakra’s…doesn’t seem all that right for an archaeologist…but they’re fictional anyway and I’m wasting breath analysing them in this context.<br />
So yeah, that movie was hot before I was paying attention to hot movies, so all I knew was the game. Thanks to sit-coms and amazing coincidences (is it god?!!?!!?!!?!!?) I heave learnt the error of my previous statement.