Artist Redux

I've been drawing since I was a year old. Art was my passion all throughout my childhood. Then I got into music and art sort of went by the wayside for a while... but I've recently gotten back into it and realized that this is what I enjoy doing most of all in my life and it is my dream. So I am now pursuing art again.
I like to draw, photomanipulate, I'd love to paint if I could get back into it; I only ever painted for a little bit when I was ten or so. My grandma's also an artist; her watercolors are beautiful.
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2007

I also started with drawing since before I even remember! No one in my family does the art style I do though..most of the men in the family work with wood crafts or are just good at building things...the women do crafts but no one paints/draws/sculpts/scratchboard etc... like I do...So I think it is very awesome that you have a someone to look up to! I also think it is great that you have decided to come back to husband does theatre so I did get involved in that ...which led to set painting =/ lol <br />
have fun!!