I'm Following My Bliss.

I spent years following more academic pathways and decided to nuture this part of me. It has taken me some time to get out of analytical thinking and just go with the other part of my brain, but I've found a way to marry these together for my work. I'm using mixed media, digital photography and copper patina manipulation to produce work at present. I find inspiration in nature. I love earthy themes. I've had no formal training so its a huge learning curve, but I've been well received thus far and feel that I will do well enough.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Yeah and tell us if ur a man or woman too.

2rose,<br />
It has been a year. What's new; what's changed? Do you have a piece of your art that would serve well as your avatar?

Great story. I chose a mathematical path in my life learning at Uni for 5 years when I realized that I want to do something different. Today I sell my drawings in online shop and I specialise in interior design. I believe people can change their life if they really want to.