Not Only Am I An Artist, I Am a Work of Art.

Drawing, painting, pastels, writing, sewing, hair, make-up, tattoos are all things that I pursue as an artist. I express myself through these things. Drawing is my favorite. Give me a sheet of paper and a charcoal pencil and I will create something wonderful. The art I create is deep, sometimes dark. I've had a rough life all the way through. And art has been the way I have expressed myself since i could pick up a pencil. M.C. Esher is my favorite artist. He as created so many great masterpieces! I also love movies! I watch them all the time. I'm a big critic too on them. I watch them for the effects, story line, and how deep the actors play their role. Tim Burton is my favorite director. He is a creative genius! I'm a very different person. I'm so happy that I have received this talent.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Wow, a walking piece of art. Nice! :) A rough life certainly gives lots of inspiration for artists of all kinds. And you are a many kinds of artists all at once! I'm mostly just a musician but I'm becoming a movie buff as well. Your reasons for watching movies are the same as mine. Tim Burton is certainly one of my favorite moviedudes as well. I am a big fan of his movies with Johnny Depp. Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd are both works of great art.<br />
All people come with one or more talents. I am glad you have found so many of yours :)